Dreifaltige Rollenspiel-Lektüre

Drei Falten mit einem Rollenspielerkopf dahinter, ergibt einen nachdenklichen, amüsanten und relativ bodenständigen Blick auf das was war, ist und möglicherweise in der Szene los sein wird.

Samstag, Juni 16, 2012

D&D, in a nutshell

"Avoid unnecessary encounters. This advice usually means the difference between success and failure when it is followed intelligently. Your party has an objective, and wondering monsters are something which stand between them and it. The easiest way to overcome such difficulties is to avoid the interposing or trailing creature if at all possible. Wandering monsters typically weaken the party through use of equipment and spells against them, and they also weaken the group by inflicting damage. Very
few are going to be helpful; fewer still will have anything of any value to the party. Run first and ask questions later." Gary Gygax, AD&D Players Guide 1st Edition, p.109

This quote just sums it up very nicely:
- try to achieve your goal
- when faced with obstacles, try to sneak past/avoid/bluff them
- when in doubt: run away

In short, D&D (at least on the low levels) plays a lot like this:

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