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[Un-break my heart] Fading Suns (Combat)- In darkest night...

Sieht so aus, als würde ich mein Pensum nicht ganz einhalten, aber ich werde zumindest versuchen wöchentlich neue Regelbereiche meines derzeitigen Projektes zu posten.

Combat is broken down into strike exchanges (or exchanges, for short). Think of them as act-recover-models, where the characters do something and then try to get their bearings on the new situation, before they act again. Also note that exchanges are not turns and there is no fixed amount of time telling you how long each exchange takes. In other words exchanges can be as fast-paced and dramatic or as deliberate and calculated as you like (and as your GM finds reasonable). Phases:
A) Declaration:

1.) All players declare what their characters are going to do in this exchange (including saying they are going to do a flurry) and calculate their goal numbers.
2.) They roll their dice all at once.
3.) They add the VP of their roll (0 VP, if the action failed) to their initiative-modifier to get their initiative for this exc…